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Some of my experience and work.


Web Developer | Provo, UT (Remote) | February '16 - Present

  • Migrated a PHP backend in Drupal7 to SailsJS and created new RESTful APIs. Created new features and improved user experience using AngularJS.
  • Assisted in troubleshooting optimization methods and algorithms.

Coding Campus

Instructor | Provo, UT, Beirut, Leb. | February '16 - Present

  • Created new curriculum for teaching ReactJS and MobX
  • Facilitated the learning of Coding Campus students by providing well-organized lessons, study resources, and individualized help
  • Mentored students outside of class to help ensure that they understand concepts, matirial, and assignments.


Web and Mobile App Developer | Orem, UT | Dec '12 - February '16

  • Published visual feedback apps for mobile and web platforms.
  • Created new methods of phoneme-specific speech recognition algorithms.
  • Developed new methods of phonetic analysis with electropalatography tools.
  • Wrote training and support materials for apps and software

Avant Assessment

Item Writer / QA Tester | New York, NY | Nov' 11 - Nov '12

  • Created language assessment tests for the U.S. military and government agencies.
  • Improved glossing methods to improve quality control.
  • Performed quality control on assessment materials and resources.
  • Was an active participant in completing the most successful contract in the history of the company.

Western Standard Translation

Czech & Slovak Translator // Slavic Languages Specialist | Provo, UT | April '09 - Nov '11

  • Translated text between Czech, Slovak, Russian, and English
  • Optimized translation software algorithms for Czech, Slovak, and Russian analysis and parsing.


I've been taught a thing or two along the way.

Georgia State University

MA. Computational Linguistics – Dec 21, 2011

I studied phonetics and phonological system analysis, corpus and computational linguistics, as well as langauge acquistion. I attended Georgia State with the intention to focus on computational approaches to language analysis, but ultimately emphasized in phonetics. I left Georgia State before completing my masters degree and do not currently have plans to complete the degree; though, I am continually involved in advancing the field of phonetics, computational speech and language analysis, and linguistics.

Brigham Young University

BA, Lingustics | Czech and French language Minors – Aug 2011

The Brigham Young University Linguistics Department is the largest in the United States and is a leader in corpus and phonological linguistics. My coursework involved a wide range of core linguistics classes, though I spent a good deal of extra time participating in natural language processing, phonetic, and morphological research.

More about me

"Ramid'o vis mixtu pal'ma, vis'visadoqvin vias quopuer to." Dyesh Henge


I have a wonderful (on all days) wife and three great (on most days) kids. I love:

(in no particular order)
• Biking • The South
• Reading • Javascript
• Kayaking • Weightlifting
• Traveling • Playing violin and viola
• Programming • Fetty Wap and 90's grunge
• Classical music • Helping and serving people
• Orange cream soda • Studying less-common languages

I am a linguist and web developer. I am responsible for a few biofeedback mobile apps and for helping some people learn how to pronounce new sounds. I am a phonetician and am keenly interested in speech technologies. I am a leading expert in electropalatography and have helped simplify the learning curve to help speech therapists and parents do better articulation therapy. I do speak a few languages, but I like to think that keep an academic interest in language diversity and that I am not just a language enthusiast that tries to learn any language I come across...but it's not true. I just like learning languages.

I'm continually working to improve my software and web development skills. I am a big fan of JavaScript and primarily develop for the web to create and consume RESTful apis. I have worked on native mobile platforms, but now use React-Native and Ionic to create mobile apps. I find socket-based databases and three-way data binding exciting. I love the ubiquity and ever improving functionality of JavaScript. I have used other languages as needed, including Objective-C, Swift, Python, and C++.